Hyper Scape Review – The Future of Battle Royale?

By Faras Sait

As battle-royale games have dominated the gaming market over the past 2 years, we are now introduced to yet another ultra-fast paced, somewhat futuristic shooter.

Created by the same studio that gave us the most beloved Rainbow Six Siege and Assassins Creed series, the game sure does have a lot backing it up. But does it really deliver? Or is it just another rushed Ubisoft game?

Hyper Scape definitely has charm, well, at least at the first glance. The game opens to a beautiful cut-scene that familiarizes you with the unique, retro setting of the game. Hyper Scape’s charm is contributed significantly by its aesthetic. The map is colourful and expressive and the characters perfectly compliment this. In fact, Ubisoft went so far with the aesthetics that instead of a mysterious cloud slowly shrinking the map, like we are used to with other battle-royale titles, in Hyper Scape, the map slowly pixelates and de-renders in front of your eyes.

Hyper Scape Review
Source: Hyper Scape (Ubisoft)

After watching the intro cut-scene for the first time, gamers are spawned into a mandatory training ground, where the games mechanism is introduced. Spawning with nothing but a melee weapon, you are set to find guns and abilities all across the map. And, yes, that’s right, Abilities.

These abilities, or hacks as they are called in-game are designed to augment and propel your current abilities. Having said that though, the abilities are extremely mobile. Even the offensive abilities, like the slam attack will have you launched several meters in the air or even dash you forward.

Apart from abilities, the game introduces a never before seen mechanics. All your weapons and hacks can be upgraded simply by picking duplicate spawns of the same sort across the map. These 2 mechanics paired together result in some really fast-paced gameplay. The hacks are constantly propelling you all across the map, and this makes verticality and movement a very important aspect in the game. Meanwhile, the ability to quickly level up your weapons, paired with a wide arsenal of weapons to choose from keeps the game fun and different every other time you play it.

Hyper Scape Gameplay
Source: Hyper Scape (Ubisoft)

Well… like I said earlier. This is all at first glance. Playing Hyper Scape for longer than a few hours and you’ll be quick to spot glaring flaws and confused design choices. The core issue can really be boiled down to one major aspect. And, annoyingly enough, it is also the most important aspect of the game.

‘Time to kill’ – Wait! I don’t mean it’s time to kill. I mean, the time it takes to kill. See, for fast-paced games like Hyper Scape where you are sent flying across the map, the time that you get the enemy in your sights is highly limited. As a result of this, you would naturally expect a pretty quick ‘time to kill’. And this is Hyper Scape’s major issue.

It has a ridiculously long ‘time to kill’. Getting kills, arguably the most fun part of any shooter themed game, has become a long drawn affair in this title. Often times, you might end up chasing a single target across the whole map, because it is simply impossible to pump enough bullets into someone before they either leap, slide or just teleport away.

Hyper Scape Review
Source: Hyper Scape (Ubisoft)

The weapons, on the other hand, though there is a whole arsenal to choose from – the weapons almost feel like pea-shooters half the time. The explosive weapons, especially.  These do far too little damage to even be termed as explosive. Some explosive weapons require 3 or more direct hits to score a kill. A ridiculous amount for a game this fast. Shot guns on the other hand are nothing like you may be used to. Taking 2 or more shots to kill, they also feel useless half of the time.

You may be wondering about the upgrades. Well, it’s not until the final weapon upgrade that you receive an increase in damage, so unless you get lucky and fully upgrade, what you’re left with is still a pea-shooter.

Hyper Scape Review
Source: Hyper Scape (Ubisoft)

Coming back to the abilities in the game, though cleverly innovated, the games mechanism and manoeuvrability ruins it all. For example, the hack to spot enemies is often outdated by the time you get to actually use it considering everyone just teleports around.

It’s a terrible shame that the games slow kill time works completely against its main selling points – mobility and hacks. Having said all this though, there is a good game hiding underneath all these issues. Bringing mobility to a battle-royale game is genius and maybe if Ubisoft drops patches to reduce the ‘time to kill’, then Hyper Scape just might have its time on the battle-royale throne.

Hyper Scape Official Cinematic Trailer

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By Faras Sait

A whole seven years from the PS4’s release date and with the PS5 right around the corner, the PS4 is nearing the end of its life cycle. This however has not slowed down developers from churning out epic games, that too, with no sign of slowing down.

And, rightfully so. Either way, the PS5 has been announced to be fully backwards compatible with the PS4, so this list applies for both the PS4 and the PS5.

The Last of Us 2

The successor to arguably the best PlayStation game to have graced the console. The Last of Us 2 faced a lot of controversies. But despite this, we believe that this is a sequel that is perfectly fitting of the profound experience that the first installment created.

TLOU2 is highlighted by a storyline that is unlike anything we have ever seen before. Though impossible to explain without mentioning any spoilers, it employs a unique plot that can only ever work on an interactive platform such as a video-game. All this paired with its brutal combat mechanism, incredible story writing, and next-gen graphics, TLOU2 is the game you have to play if you haven’t already.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

In case you haven’t already fallen for the hype and popularity that followed Fall Guys over the past few months, we really think this is a game you shouldn’t sleep on.

Taking a step away from the grim and fast-paced games that we have seen over the year, Fall Guys sports a delightful colour palette and a simple, yet entertaining game physics.

You, among 60 other gamers, are pitted in what can really only be said to resemble the ‘wipeout’ series the most. You are set to cover obstacles and simple challenges in a bid to be the last one standing.

With its fair and rather cheap pricing, this is a game you’d probably enjoy even more with friends.

Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3 is a fantastic re-imagining and a refreshing departure from globally loved classic. RE3 Dives even deeper into aspects that we never saw in the original make of the game and this paired with a substantial and rather phenomenal upgrade in the graphics; it might even be said that this remake is even better than the original. But, that’s for you to decide. 

If that wasn’t enough, RE3 boasts a truly original experience in terms of the way the game actually plays. Enabling players to really make the most of the gameworld and use the environment to your advantage is incredible

Apex Legends

Yeah, yeah. We know this game came out in 2019. But really the reason we are adding it to this list is because it wasn’t up until 2020 that the game really fully developed and blew up.

A battle royale game – much like Fortnite or PUBG; but this time with a little twist, and a uniquely awesome one, might we add. Apex Legends will see gamers, alongside 2 other teammates, take the role of legends. Each legend with 3 completely unique abilities. These abilities are what contribute to Apex’s game dynamic – a dynamic that is unique and very, very refreshing for the battle royale genre. If you are anything of a battle royale fan, you will love the unique aspects that Apex Legends takes.

Best PS4 Games 2020 - Apex Legends
Source: Apex Legends

Ghost Of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is by far the most epic adventure game to have come out in 2020. After years of begging, Sucker Punch finally delivered to fans a feudal Japan game and oh, how the wait was so worth it.

Spending just a few minutes in the picturesque and aesthetically pleasing Tsushima island, it is apparent that the developers spent hours upon months to truly appreciate the cultures and architectures from the 12th century. 

And if the graphics and gameplay don’t have you onboard then the combat might. Allowing you to fulfil your fantasies and slice through your enemies with a katana, in true samurai fashion, the combat system in GoS is just insanely satisfying. 

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By Faras Sait

Even with the next generation of consoles coming around in no time, this has not slowed down Nintendo and several other third-party developers from pumping out new releases. Not like we are complaining though, this has kept the Switch constantly relevant and we always have new titles to play.

Having said that, we’ve done all the hard work to help you pick from the plethora of titles that the Switch has to offer and no matter your mood; there will be something on this list that’s sure to tickle your fancy. 


Ah, yes! Animal crossing, the video game franchise that took the world by storm in tandem with Covid-19. Unlike the pandemic however, animal crossing is peaceful, violence free and almost whimsical. Perfect for gamers of any possible age. 

Animal Crossing is all about you and the choices you make. Set as a life simulation game, the game drops you off on a completely deserted island with only a few random villagers – or rather animals. Animals that each have their own unique, colourful personalities. You and your villagers begin to build and live in houses which you can fully customize to the last spec. There is a store where you can sell almost anything to make some extra cash and several other similar locations that are modeled off real life. There are endless opportunities in Animal Crossing and side quests as well to ensure you never get bored. 

Top 5 Nintendo Switch Games 2020: Animal Crossing
Source: Animal Crossing


This cross-genre, colourful, paper world game is a refreshing switch from the Super Mario world that we are so used to, and this game is proof that change doesn’t always have to be bad.

The Origami King makes a spectacular and successful attempt at keeping you immersed, be it with its fun mechanics or stunning scenery. The world is seamlessly well put together in order to compliment the game strongest point – the game play. Paper Marios combat mechanism is fun and refreshing and also adds a fun puzzle aspect to it. So, anyone with a niche for puzzles will definitely love this game.

Top 5 Nintendo Switch Games 2020: Paper Mario
Source: Paper Mario: The Origami King


Doom Eternal dropping on the Switch opened a portal that we never knew existed. With its fluid dynamics and controls that make bouncing off the battlefield and slaying monsters an easier than ever before task. Doom Eternal epically showcases the full hardware capabilities that the Switch boasts. 

Following in the footsteps of the original Doom, this brutal and exhilarating first person shooter is nothing short of a masterpiece. Doom Eternal is especially credited for its intriguing story line and immaculate level design. With its brutal and grisly aesthetic this is  game that will hook you for several hours on end.

Top 5 Nintendo Switch Games 2020: Doom Eternal
Source: Doom Eternal


Though released in late 2019, this game went mostly under the radar up until later in 2020 and there really isn’t much to say about this game apart from you really should play it. 

You are aptly placed in the world of a goose, playing and making decisions as a goose would and while you can make as much havoc as you can possibly want, it’s not quite as chaotic as goat simulator.

With various objectives that you would expect an evil goose to engage in, such as stealing a little boys glasses and several others; every objective is more clever than the other and some have a little twist to them that require some big brain time to solve. 

The game is extremely minimalistic and simple to learn but still provides endless hours of comical fun.

Top 5 Nintendo Switch Games 2020: Untitled Goose Game
Source: Untitled Goose Game


If you’re anyone that likes Persona 5 or any rythm based games, you’re going to love No Straight Roads. With its sleek and colourful atmosphere, the art style and character design is right on point, and the way in which the game utilizes audio and music is really what sets it apart. 

Following an Indie-Rock duo who set out to battle an EDM empire in an attempt to free their city, all with the power of Rock, the game dynamic is entirely based around a unique rythm-based system. Though not necessary, the player has to follow audio cues in order to effectively make their next move. With the music notes doubling as ammunition, the combat system is unlike any thing you’ve ever seen and its incredibly fun to experiment with. 

Top 5 Nintendo Switch Games 2020: No Straight Roads
Source: No Straight Roads

Let us know which game out of our Top 5 Nintendo Switch Games 2020 list would you play in the comment section below.

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Tom Clancy’s: Rainbow Six Quarantine – Everything we know

By Faras Sait

Tom Clancy’s: Rainbow Six Quarantine is a tactical, three person co-op game being developed by an entirely new and dedicated team at Ubisoft Montreal. First teased and talked about at E3, back in 2019, the game has since faced delays and several changes. Let’s breakdown everything we know.


Rainbow Six Siege fanatics would be rather reminiscent of the much popular Operation Chimera and consequently Operation Outbreak that followed. Very much in theme with 2020 and Covid-19, operation Outbreak followed an epidemic in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. However, unlike the real world, this epidemic is caused by an alien parasite which crash lands on Earth onboard a USSR space capsule; following this a quarantine is set up. The alien virus triggers a range of infected forms, each correspondingly leading to enemy classes of different sizes and difficulty to kill. The game mode enabled 3 players to enter the quarantine zone and face off the monsters in typical and spectacular Rainbow Six fashion. 

Following the insane success of the game-mode and the rather short period of time that the mode was made available, it left alot of fans wanting more and it seems Ubisoft chose to capitalize on this and have now decided to make a whole game out of it.

Though Rainbow Six Quarantine is not confirmed to follow the same plot, all leaks point to it being the same. 

Rainbow Six Quarantine
Source: Ubisoft


First shown off in June, 2019, the trailer showed some familiar faces – that being Vigil and Ela from the Rainbow Six Siege universe. It has since been confirmed that Rainbow Six Quarantine will host a lot more of the operators and mechanics that we are so familiar with in Six Siege. Not familiar however was the watch and arm mechanic that we saw in the trailer. considering how vague the trailer was, it is still unclear what the operator injected into himself.

Ubisoft has also confirmed that the whole game will be co-op, much like Operation Outbreak. Meaning you can play the game alongside your friends in a Player vs Environment fashion. 

Devs also claim that the game will be much different from operation Outbreak, with new, much different infected forms and parasites to deal with.


Rainbow Six Quarantine Leaked Pamphlet 1
Source: u/X_hard_rocker on Reddit

Ubisoft hasn’t officially released any gameplay footage other than its initial teaser trailer, but this hasn’t stopped data miners and leakers alike from enlightening the community. 

In one series of leaks in the form of a pamphlet, that most probably belongs in-game or may even just be a marketing tool, we see that Rainbow Six Quarantine will inherit a good majority of operators from Siege (ash mains look away, now), each debuting with their load outs. 

It is, however, not clear if all operators will have the same special abilities that are sported in Siege. The best example being vigil; whose main ability is to hide from enemy drones.. so unless the zombies suddenly become sentient and start wielding cameras, we can expect operators to have different abilities.

Rainbow Six Quarantine Image
Source: Rainbow Six Quarantine Trailer, Ubisoft

It is also clear that operators are split into 3 categories: Assault, Support and Recon, with recruit being a seemingly all-rounder. Considering the legitimacy of these leaks, while they have been released by a ‘trusted’ source, it has also been confirmed by data miners – whose leaks aligned with those of the pamphlets.

It has also been brought to the communities attention that ubisoft is exploring a Ranked game mode for Rainbow Six Quarantine – much like the one in Siege. The introduction of this game mode could possibly open the game up to a competitive landscape but this entirely depends on how Ubisoft approaches this feature. This is just something we have to wait and see.

Rainbow Six Quarantine Leaked Pamphlet 2
Source: u/X_hard_rocker on Reddit

another set of leaks shows to discuss new levels and missions spanning across the United States. Showing 3 locations in New York city, 3 in San Francicso and a final 3 in Truth and Consequences, New Mexico. And if Operation Outbreak was anything to take from, we can expect these locations to be sort of post-apocalyptic and under quarantine. What for sure is we can expect it to be a large and spectacular map no matter the case. 

Game types on the other hand will be much different from anything we are accustomed to, with the pamphlet indicating modes for sabotage, escort, hunt and disruption; each having their own unique objective and gameplay mechanism.

We also see the arrival of new infected forms that we hadn’t seen back in Operation Outbreak. We will see the introduction of Bloater, Spiker and Harasser, alongside fan favorites that we already saw back in 2018; each form with different mechanism and contributions to the gameplay.

Source: Ubisoft


Though the date of which is not confirmed, Six Quarantine will have a Beta that players can sign up for right now, no matter the console. All on the Rainbow Six Quarantine website. 

The beta and subsequently the game is expected to release mid 2021 for the Xbox One, PS4, PC and later on the next-gen consoles as well.


Do share your thoughts on the Rainbow Six Quarantine in the comments section below.

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Beyond Good and Evil 2 Trailer- Honest Breakdown

By Faras Sait

Amidst all the delays, we have been waiting ages for a sequel or in this case a prequel to the classic and ever-loved action-adventure game – Beyond Good and Evil. With its humorous and easily lovable cast combined with groundbreaking gameplay mechanics; the first installment quickly caught the attention of several gamers when it first dropped way back in 2003.

Ubisoft debuted a brand-new trailer at E3 that dropped jaws, alongside the infinite amounts of excitement it spurred amongst gamers around the world, the trailer created more questions than it answered. So, lets breakdown this trailer and point out what you may have missed.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 - 1
Source: Ubisoft

Watching the cinematic trailer, it is quickly apparent that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is switching up the setting from the first installment and this time moving to outer space. This setting, however, is made especially unique when you realize that there are 2 galaxies colliding with each other. Getting a closer look and we are now settled in the outer rings of one of the many planets. As the camera pans inwards and zooms in, with the tiny ship being dwarfed with little icy planet-sized asteroids, we can fully appreciate the absolute vastness of the area that players can play in. 

With characters being the heart and soul of Beyond Good and Evil, we are introduced to the first character, Uma, the chief medical officer. Uma seems to be some sort of dubious oracle and it is with all her religious markings that make it clear that she is a devotee to Lord Shiva.  This signifies that she has Indian origins. And yes, the game has been confirmed to take quite a few inspirations from south Asian culture, with one map even being called “Ganesha city” that we get a beautiful glimpse of later. 

Beyond Good and Evil 2 - 2
Source: Ubisoft

We also see that despite being so far away from Earth, the characters are very attached to their cultures and considering the fact that Beyond Good and Evil is set very, very far in the future, the characters make use of advanced technology while still maintaining their cultures.

In a move that made fans across the world blithe, Beyond Good and Evil 2 shows us our first glimpse at some remarkably familiar faces. A now much more detailed and better looking Pey’J and Jade that made fans of the series reminiscent of the days when the first installment came out.

Moving on we get a more detailed idea on the dynamics that run the game. The crew has been confirmed to be a very vital part of the gameplay, as a captain, gamers are able to recruit their own crews and the recruited crew members further enables the gamer to develop the equipment’s used on the ships in the game. Another game dynamic we see is the ability to jump from your mothership into a smaller ship. A cool feature apart from that is to then abort your small ship and use a little jetpack to navigate the space. this enables you to explore the smallest most intimate spaces to the vastness of space seamlessly and with ease.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 - 3
Source: Ubisoft

As the mothership is engulfed in a space-tsunami, we are hit with another scene that gives us another sense of scale to represent the massive proportions gamers will have access to. We see a massive enemy ship overshadow the mothership and with its two side claws pinch onto the ship, grabbing it and holding it down. We also get our first glimpse at who attacked the ship, and from this scene, fans will instantly recognize from their signature armor style as the Alpha Section.

Between the 2 Alpha Section soldiers is Jade, the protagonist from the first installment. And a quick pan shows her epic Katana stained with blood signifying she had been on a savage killing spree before she appears in front of the cast. People who know Beyond Good and Evil one will also know that Jade had a dark past and considering that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is actually a prequel we can very much expect Jade to be against the crew of characters that we are otherwise so familiar with. With that, we can also expect the story to effectively explore this dark past that Jade had and eventually get a better understanding of where Jade comes from.

All in all, there is a lot to look forward to with this installment in the franchise and gamers can expect to get a gameplay trailer and subsequently a fixed release date by the end of 2020.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Trailers

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Watch Dogs Legion: Trailer Review – What To Expect?

By Faras Sait

Over a year since Watch Dogs Legion was announced and we have finally got our hands on a spectacular cinematic trailer. And with this the recurring rumours have been confirmed – the 3rd instalment to the popular Watch Dogs series will indeed set you in the streets of futuristic London. One where mass surveillance and organised crime seem to be the norm.

Source: Ubisoft

It is quickly apparent, however, that Ubisoft is taking a slightly different approach with this instalment, especially when it comes to the setting. Though not quite post-apocalyptic, the trailer especially stood out for the comic book feel that it delivered. Deviating from the series typical dull and dark theme legion appears to be bold, colourful and very fast-paced but yet realistic for that matter.

In fact, if you feel like you’ve seen this style of presentation before then it’s because you probably have. This cinematic trailer was made and directed by the same crew that worked on the very colourful ‘Into The Spider-Verse’ and the 3rd episode in the ‘Love, Death and Robots’ show on Netflix. A truly unique yet beautiful style.

Watch Dogs Legion Image
Source: Ubisoft

Set in a post-Brexit London, following the scenes from Watch Dogs 2, the sudden development and innovations in artificially intelligent tech have further caused severe degradation to the British economy.

As a result of this, the accurate and convincing representation of iconic London landmarks like the Houses of Parliament shown are all surrounded by a slowly collapsing society. The capital is being torn apart by a bombing campaign and this fact is being taken as an opportunity by Albion – a private security company who amidst the events manage to convince the government that DedSec are solely responsible for the collapse.

Watch Dogs Legion Game
Source: Ubisoft

Having said that, the trailer follows a DedSec member (a resistance movement made up of hackers that the player will be in charge of alongside the countless characters you can recruit) as he makes a spectacular escape from the clutches of the government, all through the colourful streets of dystopian London where surveillance and organized crime are around every corner.

At the very end of the trailer as the DedSec member is seen almost apprehended, she is confronted by a taxi driver that chooses to help her escape. This is a key feature that was slyly portrayed in the trailer – a never seen before and unique to this game is the feature to recruit. Legion has been confirmed to feature the ability to recruit characters from around the city into your resistance group – DedSec.

Watch Dogs Legion 2020
Source: Ubisoft

Having recruited characters you are able to form a whole roster that you can make use of in various ways throughout the game. Each character can be assigned into one of 3 classes, each with unique skills and tools to enable the player complete different missions. The categories include – enforcer, infiltrator and hacker. With each having a unique set of skill that differently enable to complete different levels. For example a spy or even a construction worker that you scout on the streets of London, the possibilities are near endless and quite possibly might be Watch Dogs Legion’s biggest selling point.

Watch Dogs Legion – Resistance Trailer

Apart from the new feature to recruit, we can still, in typical Watch Dogs fashion, expect the usual hacking aspect to the game. But this time possibly in an even more diverse manner considering the game is set in a much more developed and tech-savvy world.

Watch Dogs Legion – Gameplay Overview Trailer

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GHOST OF TSUSHIMA Review (PS4): a Hit or a fail?

By Faras Sait

Ghost of Tsushima – the latest open-world game from developers at Sucker Punch.

For video games, the visual presentation is a crucial first impression, and Ghost of Tsushima makes a powerfully striking first impression. Though it may not sport the most hyper-realistic animations like we saw in the Last of Us 2, it still doesn’t fail to make a statement. The aesthetically pleasing map is filled with architectural marvels and cultural splendours that accurately represent the time period that Ghost of Tsushima is set in.  

Set in the Feudal era of medieval Japan – the 13th century to be precise. The title features several assortments of shrines and various landmarks that each pay due homage to the culture from this era. Sucker punch clearly took great care to keep the game’s authenticity as close to real-life Japan as possible… and yes the storyline is accurate too – for the most part at least. 

Ghost of Tsushima
Source: Playstation.com

Ghost of Tsushima is a fictional tale that follows a fictional Lord Jin Sakai, however, it is all based on the very real invasion by the Mongol Empire that took place on the island of Tsushima. Gamers take control of Jin who starts off a samurai but a quick and disastrous defeat quickly teaches him that perhaps his ways and skills as a samurai are maybe not good enough to deal with this new threat. It takes a little while to get going from here as Jin starts to practice and learn new skills.

The sound and music employed for scenes in the game are perfectly orchestrated to prominently enhance whatever emotion the scene is trying to provoke. Also, the music seamlessly transitions between traditional shakuhachi flutes when in stealth modes to thunderous drums when the combat gets going. This little effect makes combat scenes all the more stunning. 

Fighting like a true samurai – Ghost of Tsushima’s combat is like a tasty thick milkshake of everything you have come to love from the assassin creed and batman Arkham series but now with epic Kunais, Katanas and an arsenal of other more weapons. From the get-go it seems quite basic, with the light/heavy attacks, a dodge button, a block button and others. But, what really causes it to stand out and remain interesting throughout: is the addition of stances – each of which are unique to different weapon types. All this combined makes the combat in Ghost of Tsushima fast, chaotic and feels just like you’d imagine it to feel as an actual samurai. 

Ghost of Tsushima
Source: Ghost of Tsushima

Having said this however the stealth aspect is not the very best. The AI tends to make stumbles once you have been detected and at this point, the enemies just seem to not know what to do. Fortunately however Ghost of Tsushima makes going loud just as rewarding and advantageous as picking off enemies unnoticed and it does this ‘going loud’ in the most stunning way.

Complementing to the actual storyline, Ghost of Tsushima employs several different kinds of side quests in a successful attempt to keep gameplay fun. ‘Tales of Tsushima’ – the first and most common type of quests. These are largely forgettable but more often than not, present gameplay mechanics that you normally wouldn’t get anywhere else in the game. Apart from this, there are also the more impressive, character specific side quests that gives every major characters a nice character arc that in turn reflects in aspect of Jins’ journey through the game. These quests do also provide rewards as an incentive to interact with them. Providing charms that in turn can be used to pull out helpful upgrades to your character. 

The final and most impressive quests are the mythic tales that are obtained by listening to a musician narrate a story through truly beautiful animations, and the rewards from these are the most valuable. 

Finally, a true stand out feature that sucker punch thoughtfully added is photo mode. One of the best I’ve ever seen – and that is only partially because the game is just so beautiful but mostly because of the unique touches that enable you to change the backgrounds and even add an overload of leaves, fireflies and such.

Final verdict – despite its few unpolished areas such as the buggy AI and the off-point stealth action, Ghost of Tsushima constantly left me awe-struck with both its aesthetic spectacle and truly stunning combat mechanism. But in the end, personally, I was sold on the concept of a samurai themed game – that too in medieval Japan. A truly extraordinary action-adventure open-world game. 

What’s your take on the game. Do let us know in the comments.

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The Last of Us 2: What is the story?

By Faras Sait

Having finished The Last of Us 2 over a month ago. I, just like many of you am still been trying to grasp an understanding of what really happened. But my opinion aside; how did we go from The original Last of Us (one of the best and most unprecedented epics that the gaming medium has to offer) to months of hate, confusion, bigotry, and even death threats to the developers?

Well, it might all just boil down to perspective and the difference between the plot and the story that the Last of Us 2 told. And, we saw exactly this in the first installment too where the plot was to create a vaccine but this was famously thwarted by Joel’s story of grief.
So, let’s see the difference in The Last of Us 2.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead.

We first have to address the big dead elephant in the room – Joel. Brought to life in 2013 alongside a truly captivating story and portrayed by a prolific actor and director, Joel became a characterized icon and a PlayStation mascot basically overnight. So then why did he have to die? Or more importantly to consider – why did naughty dog kill off a potential cash bank.

Well, that’s where the story aspect comes in. Joel’s brutal death is a part of the well-written narrative trying to make you form a powerful connection with the main character – Ellie. And, if you were as mad, as heart-broken and as shaken as me upon Joel’s death then indeed the story won in this sense.

However, in the process of narrating this story – Naughty dog has now placed gamers on to a definitive plotline. A plotline that should naturally end with cold-blooded revenge. But keep in mind while that may be the plot it is absolutely NOT the story.

Following Joel’s death. The plot leads Ellie through Seattle days 1-3. These 3 days are a progression of increasingly horrendous acts, yet, under the motive of revenge. To the eyes of the gamer, they are justified. These acts however are accompanied by the occasional surreal flashback. These flashbacks end up revealing that Ellie now knows Joel killed the surgeon and lied to her about the vaccine, and in Ellie’s own words “prevented her life from meaning anything”. And these flashbacks right here, once again deviate from the plot and add significantly to the story.

The Last of Us 2
Source – The Last of Us 2, PS4

Having murdered the surgeon we are now left to confront a grim possibility that maybe… just maybe Joel lived long enough to become the villain in someone else’s story and maybe… just maybe he had it coming.
Continuing, Ellie too begins to realize this at the end of the 3rd day and she begins to question if revenge is really worth it, eventually agreeing to head back to Jackson in order to keep her loved ones safe.

It is at this point that we as gamers are faced with the most painful punch in the gut, a punch from Abby’s massive arms as she shows up to the theatre, kills Jesse, and leaves Ellie at gun-point.

But, well. In the very middle of this extremely suspense induced moment – the game entirely deviates from the plot and changes the story to be viewed now from Abby’s perspective.
This move right here is a truly historic moment in gaming history.

Presenting gamers with a unique challenge that can not be replicated by any other form of entertainment apart from interactive video games – Naughty Dog places gamers in the shoes of Abby. A character that we have naturally grown to HATE and yet we have to play 15 hours of the game from her perspective.

As we slowly come to terms with playing as Abby, we follow her as she learns to empathize with an enemy faction called the Scars. During this time the players also learn to empathize with the enemy called Abby and as the 2nd day comes to an end, you get to see all the atrocities that you committed as Ellie, all in the name of revenge.

The Last of Us 2
Source- The Last of Us 2, PS4

In this instance, the narrative has made us play as 2 different characters with 2 entirely different stories and when their timelines intersect in the theatre for a second time, this time from Abby’s perspective; players are left with a loss of self-identity… not knowing which side to pick. At least that’s what the story tried to achieve.
Finally, we reach the ending and while most of us were disappointed that a 30-hour revenge plot did not even deliver with the revenge; we need to remember the plot does not mediate the story.

After Abby let Ellie go; they meet again, but this time Abby in an utterly distraught and appalling manner – this giving Ellie a clear advantage.
And, In that exact moment, when Abby was seconds away from being drowned to death, if you still wanted Abby to die, even after playing 15 hours in her shoes, then you may have beat the plot of the game but you completely missed the story that Naughty Dog was trying to tell.

Regardless of this, it has to be said that there is no difficulty setting in place for how to deal with grief and forgiveness. Having said that though, with its spectacularly written story; The Last of Us 2 taught us how to cope with pain.

Do share your thoughts on The Last of Us 2 in the comment section below.

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Top 10 Video Games of All Time

By Faras Sait

It may not seem like it, but attempting to pick out the greatest video game title of all time is an absolute mammoth task. I mean, what are you even supposed to judge for? 

While certain titles were the birth-giver to video games as we know them today others told a narrative that brought the whole gaming community to tears but then there’s also other titles whose graphics and gameplay was just so out of this world that we have to stop for a minute and soak it in. So, what sets games apart? Well, without dwelling too much on it – it all ultimately boils down to taste.

With the next generation in console gaming right about to dawn upon us, we thought it would be a good idea to take a step back and glance at the wide array of genres of games and come up with a list of 10 games that we think accurately represent the last few decades of gaming.

So, with that said – inserts disc in PlayStation – here are the best of the best.

10. Tekken 3

Video game
Photo: Tekken 3 Title

Though not as eye-catching as its 7th serie successor, Tekken 3 was still bleeding edge in terms of graphics, gameplay and audio when it first hit the shelves back in 1998. Boasting over 25 characters with over 100 moves each – this was unheard of at the time – the game quickly took over couches in homes.

If you’re one the gamers wondering why Mortal Kombat isn’t in this place instead then it’s simply because Tekken walked so MK could run. Though Tekken 3 wasn’t the first and definitely not the last street-fighting game; it was the titles cultural significance it had in the hearts of gamers around the world that places it so high in our list.

9. Wii Sports

Video game
Photo: Wii Sports

“Endless hours of family fun and memories.”

Wii sports is an extremely nostalgic video game. Having brought an entirely new genre to gaming with their ingenious innovations to incorporate movements and enable games to play with their whole bodies rather just their hands. 

Especially fun when played against a family member or a friend, be it tennis or boxing or golf – the game never failed to added a whole aspect of fun but also as a consequence of its mechanics; it made exercising and staying active much more accessible and enjoyable. Truly revolutionary.  

8. God of War

Video game
Photo: God of War 5

It just seems to be human nature to find some sort of pleasure in stunning destruction rather than creation. That’s where God of War comes in – to satisfy exactly that need for us, in spectacular mythic fashion.

Following the protagonist, Kratos. God of War enables gamers to claim the forces of the Gods in order to dismantle your foes with several different weapons at your disposal, this title engages in brutal and very bloody combat and it is this exact aggressive combat that made the game so popular.

7. Red Dead Redemption 2 

Photo: Rockstar Games

It is extremely evident, no matter the facet considered, that Rockstar spared no expense in making this game the absolute best it could have been. Be it the eye-for-detail nature the game adopted throughout its development or the beautiful cinematic cues or just the absolute density of the open world map. Red dead 2 was just beautiful in every sense imaginable.

Set in the wild west of the Americas in the 1890s, Red Dead 2 follows the protagonist through several missions that test survival, stealth and combat; all in truly spectacular fashion. A must play for any avid gamer. 

6. Grand Theft Auto V

Video game
Photo: Grand Theft Auto 5

The ultimate mic drop of video games from the last decade.

An action based, open world game that takes place in the vast, unprecedentedly large city of Los Santos. With the ability to play as not just one but three protagonists, GTA V rocked the world upon its launch. Boasting the biggest entertainment launch in history, and still a whole seven years from its release in 2013, it still hold records for the bestselling entertainment title ever. 

GTA V was mostly popularized by its ability to offer an unprecedented amount of freedom, with its open world profile – it engaged players to do theoretically anything and everything. It deserves the number 10 spot on our list.

5. The Last of Us

Photo: The Last of Us

With almost 35 accolades to its name ranging from best story-telling to best animated video game The Last Of Us is an absolute masterpiece.

The last of us captures humanity and civilization after a mass apocalyptic attack that left most of the world non-functional and “infected”. This master piece of a title creates an immersive narrative that leads emotional attachment, pulling the player into the narrative as time goes on. The last of us creates a truly beautiful relationship, relating to not just the characters but the immaculately written storyline as well. 

Credited as the most intense, enduring and most emotional journeys that many gamers ever laid their eyes on; The Last of Us sits on our number 5 spot.

4. Mine Craft

Photo: Minecraft

Minecraft – a truly timeless, one of a kind title. Fulfilling gamers with their wish to have total control of the game; enabling players to be kings, explorers, builders, leaders and Gods all at once.

Your creative mind is provided with infinite freedom to explode and create anything you so desire. There truly is no limit to things you can achieve in Minecraft.

Ranked as the most watched game on YouTube in 2019, Minecrafts addictive nature is also proof that graphics are not the defining feature to a popular game but rather the gameplay.

3. Tetris

Photo: Tetris

We’ve all played Tetris in the past. In fact for many it was the first game we played and consequently the spawn of our ever-lasting love for video games. 

Launched in 1984, Tetris very quickly took over the world and with its simple yet extremely addictive concept; it forces players to keep coming back for more. And this fact is credited as the games key to its success.

The popularity that followed Tetris, alongside its lack of a storyline, or even enemies to beat was a statement to the whole world – that video games don’t need a complex narrative or even an intricate mechanism in order to be popular. And this is exactly what sets it apart. 

2. Super Mario Bros

Photo: Super Mario Bros

When you think popular games – you indefinitely think Super Mario.

Launched during a period in time when the video game industry was severely tanking; it is popularly said that Super Mario quite literally saved video games. Also, considering it is the best-selling video game title of all time. It almost single-handedly saved the industry.

The title follows Mario, a humble plumber as he navigates through a set of very basic and easy to manoeuvre mechanics in order to eventually save the Princess.

A timeless classic! Well deserving of our number 2 spot. 

1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Photo: The Legend of Zelda

Ocarina of Time was a foundation setter for games – introducing several innovations that have become industry standard. Having revolutionized the world of 3D gameplay, Ocarina set itself way ahead of its competition at the time, especially with its map intricacies and incredible range of intractability.

Considering the bridges of innovation we have crossed since 1998, it may be hard to perform a fair assessment in 2020 but nevertheless; judged along with its beautiful level design, gameplay and music that was perfectly curated for different instances in the game. Ocarina totally deserves our number 1 spot and we’re sure the gaming community will agree too.

Share are your thoughts about the post in the comment section below.

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Official Trailer Review: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

By Faras Sait

Finally! It’s here.

The twelfth major installment and the twenty-second release into Ubisoft’s award-winning action-adventure style stealth game -Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has finally been announced through an absolutely stunning cinematic trailer. And boy, oh boy is there a lot to talk about. 

Right off the bat, the trailer introduces us to an entire new world for the franchise and actually an entire new timeline for that matter. Valhalla is set in the historic period of Vikings and Norse mythology – the 9th century to be precise. 

Assassin's Creed
Eivor, the protagonist in his full glory. Photo: Ubisoft.

We get our first glimpse of Norway, home to Eivor, the protagonist. Eivor is seen leaving back his life in Norway in an attempt to find greener pastures in the British countryside and by the way, Valhalla has also been confirmed to feature both Norway and England as part of the playable area. 

Eivor, a fierce, devoted warrior and a rather ruthless Viking clan leader is spotted gracing the helm of a Viking longship, as his clan and he head through some nautical action across the seas into southern Britain. Interestingly, in an attempt to end the gender choice once and for all, players will be given the choice to play Eivor either in his male form or a female form and reports have it that this switch will be just as simple as a toggle in the main menu. 

Assassin's Creed
Eivor as a female character gracing the helm of a Viking ship. Photo: Ubisoft.

It’s not too long into the trailer that we realize that Ubisoft is taking a completely different approach with Valhalla. Though the Assassin’s Creed franchise has been mostly popularized for its stealth-based ‘assassin’ style combat, it seems as though one of the notable elements in the game will be its emphasis on combat and well, fully-fledged wars.

In fact, the game is so entrenched into barbarity that it has a confirmed Mortal Kombat- style features that enable players to see an X-ray of their foes being absolutely destroyed by a plethora of weapons. Though this is not shown in the trailer, it still did not shy away from engaging in brutal and gory combat. 

Assassin's Creed Valhalla
Photo: Ubisoft.

Much like we saw in the trailer, players will have to get used to a lot of blood and lost limbs and maybe the occasional decapitation. Valhalla encourages players to engage in brutal combat with a wide arsenal of weapons ranging from swords to axes, shields and even – in trademark Assassin’s Creed fashion – the hidden arm blade; that we catch of glimpse of in the trailer as Eivor jabs it into the eyes of a large English soldier. As if this wasn’t enough, the director has confirmed the ability to dual wield weapons. So there really is no scarcity in ways to massacre your enemies.

As opposed to the more sun-kissed and brighter maps that the franchise has offered, Valhalla seems to deliver a much darker and moodier vibe. With several plundered villages and large scale battles in the trailer. We all see that it is also much greener. It is clear Ubisoft was careful to mix myth, history, and mystery that pertained from the 9th century.

Also spotted in the trailer is a shrouded figure that emerges behind a dead tree during a chaotic and bloody battle, upon which Eivor shouts “Odin is with us”. Now this really could be said as a good omen, considering Odin is the Norse God for victory, wisdom, and nearly 15 other things. Odin then seemingly turns into a Raven – unlike the traditional Eagle that the franchise is so used to.

Another thing that you probably missed in the trailer: Settlements, as seen below;

Glimpse of settlements in the background. Photo: Ubisoft.

As players are placed in the boots of Viking Eivor, they will quickly face the realities of having to rebuild and create a life in Britain and this includes establishing a new home. 

Settlements have been confirmed to play a big part in the Valhalla adventure. According to lead producer, Julien Laferriere – the settlements will act as your “own Viking village” where you will prosper and grow and also in which your clan mates will live in. 

Fans can expect Valhalla to grace their screens on November 17th 2020 on any one of the platforms – PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Google Stadia and Windows.

Watch the glorious and barbaric trailer for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla below;

Share are your thoughts about Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Game Official Trailer in the comment section below.

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