Online Dating in 2020: ‘Love Guaranteed’?

By Aishvarya Varma (fetuinyou)

‘Love Guaranteed’ is Netflix’s latest romantic comedy! Releasing globally today, Damon Wayans Jr. brings a new delightfully light comedy to one and all. Starring Rachael Leigh Cook against Damon, the duo portray an Attorney-Client relationship for a rather intriguing case. Nick (Wayans Jr.) has been on one-too-many dates on an internet dating website that guarantees love. Are they liable when Nick claims that he still hasn’t found love?

“A lumbersexual? Oh, that’s a thing.”

With Attorney Susan Whitaker (Cook) having a reputation for fighting pro-bono cases for underdogs, it’s a surprise when she takes up a case against an internet dating giant. After an initial shock because of the sheer number of dates Nick has gone on, Susan slowly begins to realise that there is some merit to Nick’s case. As she ventures into online dating herself, “for research purposes”, she comes across examples that confirm Nick’s tragedy. 

“Why do you think I proposed to Dante in only two weeks? It’s a jungle out there.”

Love Guaranteed
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The supporting characters in this movie are pivotal to the plot while being very heart-warming. Susan’s assistants can easily be rated as the nicest people on cinema. Roberto (Sean Amsing) and Denise (Lisa Durupt) are effeminate, selfless and nurturing in a way that only romantic comedies can offer. Both her assistants are hype-characters who look forward to Susan’s cheeks blushing a tad bit more. While the story’s candy positivity lies somewhere between the trifecta formed by ‘A Cinderella Story’, ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ and ‘The Good Wife’; viewers manage to find it engaging enough. Susan’s character is witty and solemn, leaving little room for plastic romance. 

“There’s plenty of fish in the sea. There’s also plenty of trash.”

The centrepiece of Love Guaranteed is the quality of online dating. While Susan’s sister-in-law is a believer, none of the evidence helps Susan find credibility in online dating. Despite support from her local restaurant and no external pressure from friends & family, she very quickly finds that online dating is not just not for her, but most likely isn’t for anyone. She begins to take the case a lot more seriously after she discovers the true facts behind ‘the man’.

“You’ve got another think coming.”

Love Guaranteed
Source: Netflix

Nick comes off as a very douchey man with a vengeance. Right off the bat, Susan has a hard time treating the case as any more than the only money-maker she’s had access to lately. Susan knows that he’s this tall, hot man who, most obviously, would be enjoying his privilege to break hearts. Love Guaranteed touches upon another important topic that plagues masculinity in 2020 – is it really that easy to judge a book by its cover? The case involves studying the facts of all these dates that Nick has been on. Even though he finds it easy to tag each date with a header matching a ‘Friends’ episode title, one would say that they weren’t as corny. 

“Then let me do what I know is right for both of us, okay?”

As the plot unfolds, one-a-many dilemmas are struck-off both Susan and Nick’s checklists. Susan’s duty towards ensuring that the big corporate doesn’t play any dirty tricks leads to her being more solemn than the character introduced at the start of the movie. She works hard at making sure she can cheque a win in favour of the underdog, as is her duty. Little does she know that before being a lawyer, she’s a female protagonist in a romantic comedy. What does this imply? That is best told by the movie itself.

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