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With nearly $7 billion dollars in box-office gross, and 25 movies in the bag (with two unofficial movies), James Bond is arguably the biggest action movie franchise. Starting in 1962 with ‘Dr. No’ staring, the iconic, Sean Connery– who doesn’t know the “shaken, not stirred” line and don’t tell me you didn’t use his voice while reading that. Ian Fleming’s James Bond has had different faces for every generation and is the longest surviving franchise in Hollywood history, and it doesn’t look like it’s dying out anytime soon. With the newest iteration– coincidentally named “No time to die”– set to be released in spring 2021. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the top 7 from ‘007’.

7. On her majesty’s secret service (1969)

James Bond has to go undercover for his battle with the organization, SPECTRE. Oh and also, Bond falls for a dangerous woman, so, nothing new there. But what’s new is the fresh visual take. The stand out of the movie is the direction, almost every scene is meticulously planned and looks as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The support cast is also good, Diana Rigg gave a memorable performance as Bond’s love interest. Peter R. Hunt made a fantastic thriller that took the franchise into new territories and for that, deserve a spot at the top.

Top 7 James Bond Movies - On her majesty's secret service
Source: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) – James Bond Movie

6. The spy who loved me (1977)

Roger Moore’s Bond has to team up with K.G.B agent, Anya Amasova, whose lover was killed by him– awkward. Together they have to investigate a nuclear submarine disappearance. This movie succeeds in every aspect it was aiming for, the cold war theme was relevant to the time and the action scenes were fun. The henchmen, Jaws, never failed to entertain every time he popped up on screen and the dynamic between the two secret agents was engaging. Moore’s charisma and the sleek style of the movie make it a quintessential James Bond movie.

Top 7 James Bond Movies - The Spy Who Loved Me
Source: The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) – James Bond Movie

5. License to kill (1989)

An underrated installment in the James Bond franchise. Timothy Dalton gave a completely new take on his stint as the big-screen action hero. His somber outlook on the James Bond character was straight from Ian Fleming’s Novels. The dark tone perfectly suited the plot which sees Bond seeking revenge for his friend’s murder. The action is wild and over-the-top (ninjas were involved at one point) but never felt cheesy, this movie had one of the best vehicle chase scenes. Overall, a great movie for its time.

Top 7 James Bond Movies - License to 
Source: License to Kill (1989) – James Bond Movie

4. Goldfinger (1964)

Bond is assigned to investigate a gold smuggling ring by businessman Auric Goldfinger. This movie has the first ever James Bond actor, Sean Connery, in his third entry in the role and Goldfinger had the O.G. at his absolute best. The villain, Goldfinger, deserves to have his name in the title, he was fantastic in every frame he was in. The dialogue had a pleasant wit to it that elevated the experience. Who could forget the exchange between Goldfinger and Bond, “Do you expect me to talk?” “No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die”. Suspenseful and full of thrills, this movie had everyone involved in its production, on top of their game.

Top 7 James Bond Movies - Goldfinger
Source: Goldfinger (1964) – James Bond Movie

3. Casino Royale (2006)

Daniel Craig’s first mission as James Bond is to stop a terrorist organization by winning a card game. As ridiculous as that sounds, this movie is the franchise at it’s finest. A reboot that achieved greatness from redefining the main character. The film invested heavily on the emotional depth of Bond, something that hasn’t been done before. Martin Campbell’s second attempt at a Bond movie shows just how well he understands the character and where he can shine the best.

Top 7 James Bond Movies - Casino Royale
Source: Casino Royale (2006) – James Bond Movie

2. GoldenEye (1995)

James Bond faces off against a former MI6 agent, presumed dead, who has stolen a very powerful weapon. Pierce Brosnan debuts as the titular agent with a bang. 007 facing off against 006 sounds too good to be true. Enjoyable from start to end, this movie is unrelenting. The story is as interesting and as fresh as ever before. The new modern look, with all the high-tech gadgets, fits the real changes happening at that period of time. Martin Campbell once again reinvented James Bond and on his first try, nonetheless. He transformed the franchise from spy action movies into blockbuster contenders.

Top 7 James Bond Movies - GoldenEye
Source: GoldenEye (1995) – James Bond Movie

1. Skyfall (2012)

James bond battles an adversary with a pass connected to his own agency. This movie is unmatched in every aspect of filmmaking, from the writing to the presentation. Daniel Craig gives a veteran performance of a James Bond who has been seasoned by his past as an MI6 agent and comes across the protagonist who is corrupted by his own past. This film never fails to be engaging and exciting, even on multiple watches.

A true action masterpiece that can be enjoyed as a standalone film even without the James Bond name. Mostly, because the movie doesn’t entirely center around James Bond but gives multiple characters rich and interesting stories of their own. Every aspect of this movie is timeless and well deserving of the top spot.

Top 7 James Bond Movies - Skyfall
Source: Skyfall (2012) – James Bond Movie

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