Official Trailer Review: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

By Faras Sait

Finally! It’s here.

The twelfth major installment and the twenty-second release into Ubisoft’s award-winning action-adventure style stealth game -Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has finally been announced through an absolutely stunning cinematic trailer. And boy, oh boy is there a lot to talk about. 

Right off the bat, the trailer introduces us to an entire new world for the franchise and actually an entire new timeline for that matter. Valhalla is set in the historic period of Vikings and Norse mythology – the 9th century to be precise. 

Assassin's Creed
Eivor, the protagonist in his full glory. Photo: Ubisoft.

We get our first glimpse of Norway, home to Eivor, the protagonist. Eivor is seen leaving back his life in Norway in an attempt to find greener pastures in the British countryside and by the way, Valhalla has also been confirmed to feature both Norway and England as part of the playable area. 

Eivor, a fierce, devoted warrior and a rather ruthless Viking clan leader is spotted gracing the helm of a Viking longship, as his clan and he head through some nautical action across the seas into southern Britain. Interestingly, in an attempt to end the gender choice once and for all, players will be given the choice to play Eivor either in his male form or a female form and reports have it that this switch will be just as simple as a toggle in the main menu. 

Assassin's Creed
Eivor as a female character gracing the helm of a Viking ship. Photo: Ubisoft.

It’s not too long into the trailer that we realize that Ubisoft is taking a completely different approach with Valhalla. Though the Assassin’s Creed franchise has been mostly popularized for its stealth-based ‘assassin’ style combat, it seems as though one of the notable elements in the game will be its emphasis on combat and well, fully-fledged wars.

In fact, the game is so entrenched into barbarity that it has a confirmed Mortal Kombat- style features that enable players to see an X-ray of their foes being absolutely destroyed by a plethora of weapons. Though this is not shown in the trailer, it still did not shy away from engaging in brutal and gory combat. 

Assassin's Creed Valhalla
Photo: Ubisoft.

Much like we saw in the trailer, players will have to get used to a lot of blood and lost limbs and maybe the occasional decapitation. Valhalla encourages players to engage in brutal combat with a wide arsenal of weapons ranging from swords to axes, shields and even – in trademark Assassin’s Creed fashion – the hidden arm blade; that we catch of glimpse of in the trailer as Eivor jabs it into the eyes of a large English soldier. As if this wasn’t enough, the director has confirmed the ability to dual wield weapons. So there really is no scarcity in ways to massacre your enemies.

As opposed to the more sun-kissed and brighter maps that the franchise has offered, Valhalla seems to deliver a much darker and moodier vibe. With several plundered villages and large scale battles in the trailer. We all see that it is also much greener. It is clear Ubisoft was careful to mix myth, history, and mystery that pertained from the 9th century.

Also spotted in the trailer is a shrouded figure that emerges behind a dead tree during a chaotic and bloody battle, upon which Eivor shouts “Odin is with us”. Now this really could be said as a good omen, considering Odin is the Norse God for victory, wisdom, and nearly 15 other things. Odin then seemingly turns into a Raven – unlike the traditional Eagle that the franchise is so used to.

Another thing that you probably missed in the trailer: Settlements, as seen below;

Glimpse of settlements in the background. Photo: Ubisoft.

As players are placed in the boots of Viking Eivor, they will quickly face the realities of having to rebuild and create a life in Britain and this includes establishing a new home. 

Settlements have been confirmed to play a big part in the Valhalla adventure. According to lead producer, Julien Laferriere – the settlements will act as your “own Viking village” where you will prosper and grow and also in which your clan mates will live in. 

Fans can expect Valhalla to grace their screens on November 17th 2020 on any one of the platforms – PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Google Stadia and Windows.

Watch the glorious and barbaric trailer for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla below;

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