Top 7 James Bond movies

By Ksanbor (filmadroit)

With nearly $7 billion dollars in box-office gross, and 25 movies in the bag (with two unofficial movies), James Bond is arguably the biggest action movie franchise. Starting in 1962 with ‘Dr. No’ staring, the iconic, Sean Connery– who doesn’t know the “shaken, not stirred” line and don’t tell me you didn’t use his voice while reading that. Ian Fleming’s James Bond has had different faces for every generation and is the longest surviving franchise in Hollywood history, and it doesn’t look like it’s dying out anytime soon. With the newest iteration– coincidentally named “No time to die”– set to be released in spring 2021. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the top 7 from ‘007’.

7. On her majesty’s secret service (1969)

James Bond has to go undercover for his battle with the organization, SPECTRE. Oh and also, Bond falls for a dangerous woman, so, nothing new there. But what’s new is the fresh visual take. The stand out of the movie is the direction, almost every scene is meticulously planned and looks as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The support cast is also good, Diana Rigg gave a memorable performance as Bond’s love interest. Peter R. Hunt made a fantastic thriller that took the franchise into new territories and for that, deserve a spot at the top.

Top 7 James Bond Movies - On her majesty's secret service
Source: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) – James Bond Movie

6. The spy who loved me (1977)

Roger Moore’s Bond has to team up with K.G.B agent, Anya Amasova, whose lover was killed by him– awkward. Together they have to investigate a nuclear submarine disappearance. This movie succeeds in every aspect it was aiming for, the cold war theme was relevant to the time and the action scenes were fun. The henchmen, Jaws, never failed to entertain every time he popped up on screen and the dynamic between the two secret agents was engaging. Moore’s charisma and the sleek style of the movie make it a quintessential James Bond movie.

Top 7 James Bond Movies - The Spy Who Loved Me
Source: The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) – James Bond Movie

5. License to kill (1989)

An underrated installment in the James Bond franchise. Timothy Dalton gave a completely new take on his stint as the big-screen action hero. His somber outlook on the James Bond character was straight from Ian Fleming’s Novels. The dark tone perfectly suited the plot which sees Bond seeking revenge for his friend’s murder. The action is wild and over-the-top (ninjas were involved at one point) but never felt cheesy, this movie had one of the best vehicle chase scenes. Overall, a great movie for its time.

Top 7 James Bond Movies - License to 
Source: License to Kill (1989) – James Bond Movie

4. Goldfinger (1964)

Bond is assigned to investigate a gold smuggling ring by businessman Auric Goldfinger. This movie has the first ever James Bond actor, Sean Connery, in his third entry in the role and Goldfinger had the O.G. at his absolute best. The villain, Goldfinger, deserves to have his name in the title, he was fantastic in every frame he was in. The dialogue had a pleasant wit to it that elevated the experience. Who could forget the exchange between Goldfinger and Bond, “Do you expect me to talk?” “No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die”. Suspenseful and full of thrills, this movie had everyone involved in its production, on top of their game.

Top 7 James Bond Movies - Goldfinger
Source: Goldfinger (1964) – James Bond Movie

3. Casino Royale (2006)

Daniel Craig’s first mission as James Bond is to stop a terrorist organization by winning a card game. As ridiculous as that sounds, this movie is the franchise at it’s finest. A reboot that achieved greatness from redefining the main character. The film invested heavily on the emotional depth of Bond, something that hasn’t been done before. Martin Campbell’s second attempt at a Bond movie shows just how well he understands the character and where he can shine the best.

Top 7 James Bond Movies - Casino Royale
Source: Casino Royale (2006) – James Bond Movie

2. GoldenEye (1995)

James Bond faces off against a former MI6 agent, presumed dead, who has stolen a very powerful weapon. Pierce Brosnan debuts as the titular agent with a bang. 007 facing off against 006 sounds too good to be true. Enjoyable from start to end, this movie is unrelenting. The story is as interesting and as fresh as ever before. The new modern look, with all the high-tech gadgets, fits the real changes happening at that period of time. Martin Campbell once again reinvented James Bond and on his first try, nonetheless. He transformed the franchise from spy action movies into blockbuster contenders.

Top 7 James Bond Movies - GoldenEye
Source: GoldenEye (1995) – James Bond Movie

1. Skyfall (2012)

James bond battles an adversary with a pass connected to his own agency. This movie is unmatched in every aspect of filmmaking, from the writing to the presentation. Daniel Craig gives a veteran performance of a James Bond who has been seasoned by his past as an MI6 agent and comes across the protagonist who is corrupted by his own past. This film never fails to be engaging and exciting, even on multiple watches.

A true action masterpiece that can be enjoyed as a standalone film even without the James Bond name. Mostly, because the movie doesn’t entirely center around James Bond but gives multiple characters rich and interesting stories of their own. Every aspect of this movie is timeless and well deserving of the top spot.

Top 7 James Bond Movies - Skyfall
Source: Skyfall (2012) – James Bond Movie

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Top 10 Horror Movies on NETFLIX

By Ksanbor (filmadroit)

Want to make your heart race while opening closets? Want to think twice before going to the bathroom in the middle of the night? – all useful survival skills – or maybe you just enjoy watching scary/dark movies, or maybe you are just a psychopath. Well, if it’s any of the above, you came to the right place, we will be going through some of the best horror movies on the Netflix catalogue. Halloween is on the horizon and on the heels of a terrible year, nonetheless, so, let’s ‘trick or treat’ you guys with two lists instead of one.

We will go through the top 10 straight-up ‘no-nonsense’ horror movies, and a top 8 list of movies that can make you go,” Oh yeah, that was kinda scary too”. Also, it’s important to mention that if you cannot find some of these movies on Netflix, it does not mean it is not available, it just means that you need a VPN. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the top horror movies on Netflix. Sit back, relax, and let’s enjoy some ‘Netflix and Chills’ content.

10. Insidious (2010)

A true classic in the horror movie genre, Director James Wan knows how to hit the right beats, and deliver an enjoyable yet scary movie. Having a contained story focused on the struggles of a couple and their comatose son, played to this movie’s good strengths. Some people just watch it for that scary old woman with the candle – to each his own, I guess.

Top Horror Movies on Netflix - Insidious
Source: Insidious (2010)

9. The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2017)

An unidentified body of a young woman, given to a father-son coroner duo– we have a good idea where this plot is going. A crazy night, filled with thrilling revelations. A great movie if you love psychological thrillers in your horror movies.

Top Horror Movies on Netflix - The Autopsy of Jane Doe
Source: The Autopsy of Jane Doe

8. Poltergeist (1982)

An oldie that can still petrify you with special-effects that still hold up even today. Watching TV never felt more terrifying.  The film has an authentic family life feel to it, which makes the supernatural occurrences scarier than they have any right to be. The tragedy surrounding the cast also adds to the horror aspect of this movie.

Top Horror Movies on Netflix - Poltergeist
Source: Poltergeist

7. Sinister (2012)

What makes a good horror movie? Dumb people moving into houses where someone died horribly. Filled with classic scares that hits all the right notes, in the frightening sense. A writer desperate to uncover a chilling murder, hoping to find material for his story, uncovers things more ‘sinister’ than what he anticipated, and we find out that lights are important while sleeping.

Top Horror Movies on Netflix - Sinister
Source: Sinister

6. Under The Shadow (2016)

There is a surprising amount of great Iranian horror movies, this being one of the best out of the lot. Set in the horrifyingly real war between Iran and Iraq, a mother, afraid for her daughter’s safety, suspects more is at play when a missile crashes in their house.

Top Horror Movies on Netflix - Under The Shadow
Source: Under The Shadow

5. The Void (2016)

Trapped in a hospital by satanic worshipers seeking evil intentions, a group of random people tries to survive the ordeal thrown into their way. The film takes you back in time with its homage to 80s style horror which it’s intensely gruesome practical-effects. A great movie that will make you sweat till the end-credits.

Top Horror Movies on Netflix - The Void
Source: The Void

4. The Ritual (2017)

A unique setting for a horror movie, Director David Bruckner gives us a story of 4 guys hiking in the Swedish woods, where unimaginable evil lurks and waits for them. As the plot develops, this movie is bound to shock as well as engage.

Top Horror Movies on Netflix - The Ritual
Source: The Ritual

3.  Gerald’s Game (2017)

Gerald’s Game taps into that instinctual sense of dread in vulnerable situations. The Stephen King adaptation takes you into a horrifying scenarios– being stuck in bed, with no hope for help– sprinkled with horror elements, all elevated by the brilliant acting of Carla Gugino – who spends most of the movie being strapped to a bed.

Top Horror Movies on Netflix - Gerald's Game
Source: Gerald’s Game

2. The Shining (1980)

A Stanley Kubrick masterclass in filmmaking, this movie is as spectacular as it is frightening. The story centres on a family of 3, the father gets a job as caretaker of a hotel for a harsh winter, and has to stay there with his family for months. The hotel is isolated from civilization at that period of time and has a dark pass linked to it. The slow descent into madness coupled with brilliant acting from a convincingly vicious Nicholas Jackson, makes this a must-watch horror movie classic.

Source: The Shining

1. The Witch (2015)

A horror folktale involving witchcraft, fear-inducing musical scores and disappearing children. Set in an eerie 17th century colonial America, where a family of 6, living alone in the woods, starts getting disturbed by something unknown in the woods. A fantastically realized psychological horror that gets more and more unnerving as the film progresses, and as the family begins to distrust one another. With a spine tingling ending, this movie will take you on a wild journey through the woods.

Top Horror Movies on Netflix - The Witch
Source: The Witch

And now, as promised, a Halloween treat with the list of 8 top movies on Netflix with horror elements.

1. Creep (2014)

2. Creep 2 (2017)

3. Hush (2016)

4. The Endless (2017)

5. The Gift (2015)

6. Green Room (2015)

7. Cabin in the Woods (2011)

8. Cargo (2018)

Do share your thoughts on Top 10 Horror Movies on Netflix in the comment section below.

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Movie Review: ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’ – Civil Rights Matter

By Aishvarya Varma (fetuinyou)

As cinematic fridays go, Netflix outdid itself this week. Based on a true story, ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’ finally released on OTT after briefly being screened in select theatres since 25th September. In 1969-70, eight Vietnam-war protestors were charged with draconian Southern laws, which led them to be tagged together as the Chicago Seven. This film, which is the brain-child of none other than Aaron Sorkin, takes us through an eerie but realistic sneak peek into a political trial.

“There are civil trials, and there are criminal trials. There is no such thing as a political trial.”

In the 60s, the men who made for what came to be known as the Chicago Seven were men across state borders who had one simple mission – to unite the people who stood against what the American government at the time was doing, so that they could peacefully protest it. The Vietnam war had already caused a lot of bloodshed on both sides. The counterculture movements of the late ‘60s gained momentum as the faith of the people in war took a deep dive. People were willing to congregate in tens-of-thousands, opposing the State’s inability to empathize with their disgust.

The Trial of Chicago 7 Review

Freedom of speech and peaceful assembly is an interesting right. Being a constitutional right under the American First Amendment, a citizen cannot be questioned on what he says, or be sent to jail for it. Defamation aside, the State, or the public functions and citizens it ought to represent at large, does not have a right against you, or so it seemed.

“If America’s soul becomes totally poisoned, part of the autopsy must read “Vietnam”.”

When it came to war, women or slavery, certain nations have failed to repeal orthodox laws that no longer represent the present. This is a cyclical truth that has always failed the test of time. Courtrooms see blasts from the past to the complete shock of the people. The Chicago Seven was one such case, or should I say seven? A collective trial for seven men, including David Dellinger (John Carroll Lynch), Abbie Hoffman (Sacha Baron Cohen), Jerry Rubin (Jeremy Strong), Tom Hayden (Eddie Redmayne) and Bobby Seale (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), attempted to indict them for conspiracy to incite a riot.

Very early in the film, a conversation between then-Attorney General John N. Mitchell (John Doman) and public prosecutor Richard Schultz (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) reaffirms common knowledge regarding Nixon’s presidency. While Richard was hesitant to take up the case, he was just another foot soldier of his government and could not wash his hands off his duties.

“This seems to really bother some frat brothers who come to town in the spirit of fraternity.”

Sorkin has done an impeccable job of highlighting what makes for an aggressive trial. When the defense refuses to back down, it is usually either because the accused is very rich or the issue in court is worth backing for its sheer gravity. Here, Attorney Kuntsler (Mark Rylance) remarkably defends persons grouped in the Chicago Seven. The manner in which he flips the table onto the police is, if as true as the film, an allegiance to true honor.

The Trial of the Chicago 7

Police brutality is an issue that has led America to a place where it is comfortable with demanding that the police be defunded. Such serious claims against the State are usually seen where nations are considered to be ‘failed states’. The film does an exceptional job at making you wonder where the floor-bed for liberty lies, and at what stage does a thriving and popular economy stand as nothing more than a façade.

“The whole world is watching.”

It’s jarring but insightful to see the kind of true crime television we see today. We now know about what happened at the 1968 Democratic Convention in graphic detail. It’s more than difficult to circumvent the sheer transparency that social media, television and news bring today. Perhaps this inspires creators and writers like Sorkin to reignite what once was just a confusing creative spark with Spielberg in 2006, and I’m grateful for it. Informative, vivid and heart-wrenching, the film conveys systemic realities in a way that, one can only wish, Court judgments have the liberty to too.

The Trial of The Chicago 7 Trailer Review

Do let us know your thoughts on “The Trial of Chicago 7” review.

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Movie Review: Is ‘Enola Holmes’ the Holmes sibling you were waiting for?

By Aishvarya Varma (fetuinyou)

Yesterday, Netflix gave viewers ‘Enola Holmes’. Portrayed by none other than Stranger Things star Millie Bobbie Brown, ‘Enola Holmes’ is the famous Sherlock Holmes’ (Henry Cavill) and Mycroft’s (Sam Claflin) 16-year-old baby sister. The stories surrounding the lives of the Holmes brothers, first written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, have yet again been adapted to tell us a novel tale on empowerment in 1880s England.

So then it was just the two of us, and it was wonderful.

Enola Holmes Movie Review 2020
Source: Enola Holmes Movie, Netflix

The film ascribes an unabashed and unorthodox romanticism to a mother-child relationship. Eudoria (Helena Bonham Carter) is the mother of the three Holmes siblings. While the two boys are now grown men in London, Eudoria has been raising Enola by herself since her husband died. They share an intimate bond, redefining norms expected from women in the 1880s.

With a montage of scenes that celebrate vigor and freedom, the movie depicts wondrous ideas on parenting, training and human expansion. Often, supporting characters tell fables of Eudoria’s perspective on the world and her children. Eudoria is an enigma, and unsurprisingly, the silent anchor for this script. Snippets of Eudoria make for my favorite flashback of a Fight Club-esque aesthetic, which in my view is the best way to watch Helena Bonham Carter.

We need to break her and build her up.

Enola Holmes Movie Review 2020
Source: Enola Holmes Movie, Netflix

Very early in the film, we are reintroduced to our favorite brothers. While a new side to Mycroft is portrayed, in truth his character curve is average at best. He recommends that all be done that must be done to shape his sister into the lady she needs to become. This rather complex and controlling view is forced to be tested by Enola’s wit and talent. Yes, this time Sherlock isn’t the one pit against Mycroft.

The movie highlights a very different facet of the relationship the brothers share, while maintaining their well-known inability to understand each other. Interestingly, this side of Mycroft while known to viewers feels new. It takes a deep dive into the child-core that adult scripts would otherwise avoid delving into.

Look for what’s there, not what you want to be there. You’ll see the truth soon enough.

Enola Holmes Movie Review 2020
Source: Enola Holmes Movie, Netflix

While Enola knows Sherlock as family tends to, they rely on memories from a different time to form an image of each other. Enola was raised to be an industrious problem solver, while Sherlock is known for the same. The striking similarities in their nature make for a cinematic expression of a brother-sister bond. When Sherlock comments on Enola’s actions, he attempts to teach, but smiles in recognition of his incapacity.

The scenes where they share the screen are often heartwarming snapshots of sweet familial humor and wisdom – the kinds shared with those you understand innately. While I don’t think Cavill portrays the quirkiness often associated with Sherlock, the shift in character serves this script well, avoiding unnecessary focus to a supporting character here.

Historical perspective is the only way to begin a day.

Enola Holmes Movie Review 2020
Source: Enola Holmes Movie, Netflix

In search of her own path, Enola is trying to make the best choices, like anyone of us. The writers do a magnificent job of detailing what makes for feminist practices. Enola is not a lady, as would be expected from a family of her stature. Neither could she be called uneducated or illiterate. She possesses a grace that isn’t defined by norms of men, but a grace that honors herself.

She does so by gaining as much perspective as she can in the world that surrounds her and surprising all. This side of Elona is what strikes viewers most, in a way that is the kind of Alt-Disney tale that warms the modern viewer. While she possesses unique skills and has pastimes that most would call boisterous, she is from a very different, almost unnatural league of lovely.

It is good to care for the vulnerable but not if it means risking your life.

Enola Holmes Movie Review 2020
Source: Enola Holmes Movie, Netflix

Enola’s versatile hobbies take the audience on a twisted journey that almost feels like an interactive game. Speaking to the audience, this fast-paced and visually immersive experience feels wholesome. We are made to juggle with many a villain or hero at once. While each story may feel predictable, there is a lively punch to the plot every few minutes. Different mysteries are interlinked like a well-woven net, entangling the most unrelated crimes. With ciphers, clues and corsets, it becomes impossible to keep Enola away from them, as the story does us.

My life is my own and the future is up to us.

While I have given you a fair idea of the experience this movie evokes, I must award appreciation to the acting, editing and writing for this movie. Nobody expects much from an American version of classics like Holmes, but ‘Enola Holmes’ comes very close to good. I would attribute this to the easy sell a perfect narrative of young & healthy liberty makes for.

The plot itself may not be very memorable, but each character oscillates between an emotionally charged display of affection or skill. While fairly serious, it may still irritate fans of Sherlock Holmes. Conversely, it may feel like a vacation where one gets to see a baby sister grow up, with pride filling your heart. 

Enola Holmes Netflix Trailer

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Movie Review: ‘The Devil All The Time’ is a Sinner’s Moral Compass

By Aishvarya Varma (fetuinyou)

A story set in suburban Southern USA, ‘The Devil All The Time’ is Netflix’s latest psychological thriller. Having been released today, the movie is a gruesome portrayal of the evils that befall authoritarian failure. Discussing topics like religion and law & order, this adaptation of Donald Ray Pollock’s book by the same name forces viewers to snap out of comfortable viewing – dragging them into a grim tale of a series of unfortunate events. The original writer is also the narrator of this brilliant film produced by Jake Gyllenhaal.

“Nearly all of them connected by one godforsaken calamity or another; be it lust, or necessity, or just plain ignorance.”

the devil all the time - image
Source: The Devil All The Time – Netflix

Life was significantly difficult in the 1950s. The narrator makes it a point to let us know the gravity of this truth in a deep, southern accent that is memorable. In the late 1940s, the Russells moved to the town of Knockemstiff, Ohio. Who were the Russells? That is a biography best heard from Pollock himself.

Without disclosing any relevant details, their biographies spark debate on subjects that cause diabolical emotions to emerge in all its hosts. Love, parenthood, poverty, disease, or prayer are all things we struggle to decipher as ordinary citizens. Sadly, its effect on the disconnected lives of the past was far graver than one imagines today. With all this in mind, Arvin Russell, an eight-year-old boy, begins a new and unexpected journey.

“Some people just need a little help once in a while.”

the devil all the time movie
Source: The Devil All The Time – Netflix

The film painstakingly details Arvin Russell’s (Tom Holland) torrential ancestry and the path before him. As a child, luck wasn’t particularly on his side. Religious protection often seemed to do him little to no justice, but he continues to believe in goodness and empowerment. He has faced innumerable losses throughout his life, eventually forcing us to wonder how they would impact him. From becoming the little boy that needed care, he becomes a force of protection and sustenance for those who depend on him. Highlighting a pandora of death and crime, will Arvin ever find justice through prayer?

“Let me tell you something friends, before I found the Holy Ghost, I was scared plumb to death of spiders. I was a runt.”

the devil all the time movie image
Source: The Devil All The Time – Netflix

Evangelism has a strange way of inspiring the loveless. An immediate need to connect with a higher spirit that is positive and ambitious, adding effervescence to one’s daily essence, is an easy sell. The Reverend, in this small town of West Virginia, always seemed to have a questionable agenda. Portrayed by Harry Melling and Robert Pattinson, these men of God throw light on the darkness that surrounds fundamentalist authority.

The film questions an important facet of religious faith – the blind belief that someone more familiar with scripture is indeed a man who can bring light to the lives of the lost. A strong antagonism towards religious extremism is made clear through this plot. Perhaps to the disappointment of religious positivists, the movie dramatically serves audiences an undeniable shakedown of the exploitation of trust. Does it catch up to the powerful?

“He just felt lucky someone was giving him a ride.”

In this entire debacle that seems to be an ever-so-stretched monotony of pain, the writer also includes the characters of Carl and Sandy (Jason Clarke and Riley Keough), who find each other on a day relevant to the protagonist’s narrative. Similar to a flow of cut scenes in Pulp Fiction, we realize that Antonio Campos sprinkles the perfect amount of memorability in each scene, connecting persons across spaces and timelines.

the devil all the time movie scene
Source: The Devil All The Time – Netflix

One of the most powerful narratives penned down for a couple, it serves as an anchoring plot point to highlight the desire & privilege of the fortunate. Most importantly, in one of the first few scenes in the movie, Sandy mentions that her brother got her the job as a waitress. It’s interesting to see how subtly the movie builds on that almost-insignificant fact.

I am struggling to tell you enough about ‘The Devil All The Time’ not because it isn’t impactful, but because it has been narrated with a fluency that I dare not over-assess. It is jarring and thought-provoking, forcing audiences to pay close attention to the smallest details. Each scene connects in the end, depicting horrors of death, mayhem and exploitation in almost every societal interaction. While the topics discussed have been the plot of innumerable movies, there is something distinctly visual and crass about this film. It feels a lot like a version of Lolita directed by Tarantino.

With purposeful irony, the movie also makes it a point to show gratitude to the only stranger who seemed to have acted in good faith and without any self-interest, and the kind lady who gives away everything to continue being a caring mother. The movie successfully finds a way to intertwine society’s most excruciating extremes. It pushes you to a corner, asking you – “Have you been good?” 

The Devil All The Time Trailer

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Online Dating in 2020: ‘Love Guaranteed’?

By Aishvarya Varma (fetuinyou)

‘Love Guaranteed’ is Netflix’s latest romantic comedy! Releasing globally today, Damon Wayans Jr. brings a new delightfully light comedy to one and all. Starring Rachael Leigh Cook against Damon, the duo portray an Attorney-Client relationship for a rather intriguing case. Nick (Wayans Jr.) has been on one-too-many dates on an internet dating website that guarantees love. Are they liable when Nick claims that he still hasn’t found love?

“A lumbersexual? Oh, that’s a thing.”

With Attorney Susan Whitaker (Cook) having a reputation for fighting pro-bono cases for underdogs, it’s a surprise when she takes up a case against an internet dating giant. After an initial shock because of the sheer number of dates Nick has gone on, Susan slowly begins to realise that there is some merit to Nick’s case. As she ventures into online dating herself, “for research purposes”, she comes across examples that confirm Nick’s tragedy. 

“Why do you think I proposed to Dante in only two weeks? It’s a jungle out there.”

Love Guaranteed
Source: Netflix

The supporting characters in this movie are pivotal to the plot while being very heart-warming. Susan’s assistants can easily be rated as the nicest people on cinema. Roberto (Sean Amsing) and Denise (Lisa Durupt) are effeminate, selfless and nurturing in a way that only romantic comedies can offer. Both her assistants are hype-characters who look forward to Susan’s cheeks blushing a tad bit more. While the story’s candy positivity lies somewhere between the trifecta formed by ‘A Cinderella Story’, ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ and ‘The Good Wife’; viewers manage to find it engaging enough. Susan’s character is witty and solemn, leaving little room for plastic romance. 

“There’s plenty of fish in the sea. There’s also plenty of trash.”

The centrepiece of Love Guaranteed is the quality of online dating. While Susan’s sister-in-law is a believer, none of the evidence helps Susan find credibility in online dating. Despite support from her local restaurant and no external pressure from friends & family, she very quickly finds that online dating is not just not for her, but most likely isn’t for anyone. She begins to take the case a lot more seriously after she discovers the true facts behind ‘the man’.

“You’ve got another think coming.”

Love Guaranteed
Source: Netflix

Nick comes off as a very douchey man with a vengeance. Right off the bat, Susan has a hard time treating the case as any more than the only money-maker she’s had access to lately. Susan knows that he’s this tall, hot man who, most obviously, would be enjoying his privilege to break hearts. Love Guaranteed touches upon another important topic that plagues masculinity in 2020 – is it really that easy to judge a book by its cover? The case involves studying the facts of all these dates that Nick has been on. Even though he finds it easy to tag each date with a header matching a ‘Friends’ episode title, one would say that they weren’t as corny. 

“Then let me do what I know is right for both of us, okay?”

As the plot unfolds, one-a-many dilemmas are struck-off both Susan and Nick’s checklists. Susan’s duty towards ensuring that the big corporate doesn’t play any dirty tricks leads to her being more solemn than the character introduced at the start of the movie. She works hard at making sure she can cheque a win in favour of the underdog, as is her duty. Little does she know that before being a lawyer, she’s a female protagonist in a romantic comedy. What does this imply? That is best told by the movie itself.

Love Guaranteed Trailer

Let us know what you think of Love Guaranteed Netflix Review

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Netflix’s ‘The Match’ exposes suburban Italian football

By Aishvarya Varma (fetuinyou)

Exploring the Italian love for football, Francesco Carnesecchi writes and directs ‘The Match’, originally titled ‘La Partita’. With its worldwide release on Netflix today, viewers follow passions that fuel football in the outskirts of Rome. Is this another movie like “Goal!”? To the contrary, I would say ‘The Match’ is an insightful commentary on how football affects suburban Roman families.

I don’t believe in God or miracles, and if any of you do, you’re mistaken. Here, you can only win by fighting. Don’t wait for help from the sky.

Claudio Bulla (Francesco Pannofino) has been the devoted coach of Sporting Roma, a suburban local football team, for 30 years now. Sadly, the team has never won anything so far. Despite Sporting Roma never having won, it has a steady set of observers. Antonio, the star player of the team, is determined to win. His father Paolo (Fabrizio Sabatucci) brings his daughter to the games, as he supports his son in his endeavours. There is a vibrant fever in the air as small crowds cheer players who aren’t known outside the town. 

The Match Netflix Review
Source: Netflix

The endeavour for success isn’t unique to Claudio or Antonio. It appears that beyond football, there lie many more concerns for the people of this town. The families are struggling to pay bills – all for different reasons. This includes the President of the team, Italo (Alberto Di Stasio). As the movie progresses, we realise that there are many more characters who are juxtaposed between passion and poverty.  

But children need to dream, am I right? 

Earlier in the movie, there is a scene with Umberto (Giorgio Colangeli), who gives us a visual introduction to the best recipe for Guanciale. The enchanting way in which this food truck owner describes a local favourite suggests that there’s more to the writer using this analogy. If not, at least it reminds all of the importance of Amatriciana in the development of spaghetti, among other glimpses of Italian pride on his part. 

The joy of passionate living bears certain costs. Football only seems to find funding at the pro-level. What are the economics of promoting football in suburban regions? How does one make this sustainable? Carnesecchi explores the different ways in which families in this town try to make room for sport. It is clear that Italo has a certain amount of respect for Claudio’s work, but how far will he go to protect it? How much does he care about Sporting Roma? These are questions that the movie raises throughout, as Italo tries to hold what was his together before it is stripped away from him. 

’My word’, really? You really don’t get it? My word’s worth shit. 

The film portrays honest dialogue among suburban families. Highlighting the frustration, devotion, care and critique they are bound to, Carnesecchi does an impeccable job at presenting daily ordeals. Discussing issues like acceptable social etiquette, religious faith, drugs and gambling as casually as he does, he makes room for tangible aggression that sets a twisty tone for the film.

The Match Netflix Review
Source: Netflix

With little to no humour, the film seems to find inspiration in the subtlety of an angry Tarantino-esque tool of dramatic exploration. Sharp, thrilling scenes raise smirks that are all too familiar or silently appreciate the attempt. Each character brings his or her own narrative, forcing viewers to slide far and wide before caving into an own goal. This was one of the few movies I’ve seen lately where every character undoubtedly adds a nuanced facet to the story.

While ‘The Match‘ doesn’t feel like a serious commentary, one has to credit the worldview with which Carnesecchi exposes suburban Italian football. It is a well-produced enjoyable family drama; with just enough action, gambling and substance abuse to let his message soak into fans of football.

The Match Netlfix

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Is ‘Unknown Origins’ at the apex of Superhero Writing?

By Aishvarya Varma (fetuinyou)

With its worldwide release today, the Spanish movie ‘Unknown Origins’ evokes a smile among a very butt-hurt bunch. Ever since the pandemic began affecting the release dates for Marvel movies, fans of this genre are increasingly restless. Filling this void, ‘Unknown Origins’ brings fans a crime thriller whose drama matches the telenovela style of storytelling – a touch of comedic tragedy. Originally titled ‘Orígenes Secretos’, this story is of the birth of a new hero in the city of Madrid. It is an adaptation of David Galán Galindo’s 2016 novel.

“The best cops are the ones with that stupid sense of duty. It’s the angry ones that end badly.” – Cosme

The protagonist of this action movie is David (Javier Rey) – a cop who has recently transferred to the Madrid Police Department. He takes Cosme’s (Antonio Resines) title, who is an elderly police officer due to retire. As Cosme attempts to show David the ropes, they arrive at their first crime scene. To their surprise, this isn’t the kind of first case that David should’ve witnessed.  The medical examiner Bruguera (Ernesto Alterio) explains that the murderer has taken a great effort to ensure that the corpse was presented this way. Eerily, Cosme and David are both forced to wonder why.

“My brother was a Gryffindor. I’m a Slytherin.” – Jorge

Cosme’s son Jorge is an entertainment store owner, specializing in superhero merchandise. That very night, when Cosme casually speaks to Jorge about the strange events of the day, Jorge reminds him that this is quite similar to what happens in the Hulk Origin Story! Yes, Hulk, from the Marvel Universe! Very quickly, more staged murders take place, resembling plots from other famous origin stories.

With Jorge being able to connect the dots so easily for very different reasons, David is forced to work with him. Jorge also informs audiences that he studied philosophy in university, which is “very similar to studying modus operandi in criminology”. Together they discover other cult collectibles in this investigation, including the likes of Game of Thrones and Kill Bill. In fact, it is Jorge’s knowledge of all the weaponry used in Lord of the Rings that leads them closer to the killer. Realizing that David is out of his depth, he spends EUR 145 in Jorge’s store to learn more about this “frivolous” world. This is the premise of ‘Unknown Origins’, the plot of which needs no more telling.

“It’s from China. They banned it in Europe ‘cause it’s fucking nasty.” – Jorge

Unknown Origins
Source: Netflix

As Jorge takes a larger role in the movie, the writers indulge in a very interesting plot point: the duality of masochism. David is a relatively poor and traditionally good-looking police officer. Jorge is a successful entrepreneur who was bullied in school for his weight. The contrasting characters bring forth an important perspective on money & power that forms the basis of the investigation itself.

The various reactions of secondary characters pick viewers out of their realities, dropping them onto a fantasy and picking them back up to drop them onto a different spot in their reality. This constant exchange between the crude reality of crime & police duty and the superhero fantasy stretches the narrative. David and Jorge’s investigation acts like the elastic band on which the plot is weaved. David’s boss, Norma (Verónica Echegui), is an interesting facet that anchors both opposites.

“Superhero? That’ll be stupid anywhere, but far more in Spain. Don’t be an idiot. What Spaniards have the least faith in is heroes. While England wrote King Arthur, we wrote Don Quixote. We think only a mad man does good.” – Cosme

With more pretend action and designer costumes that aim to compete with Edna Mode’s creations, the writers bring forth a very gripping thought. What triggers a hero complex? Is that the objective of a villain? Drawing parallels to Batman and Joker, the writers do a great job of evoking a much-needed discussion among viewers. The scriptwriter also throws in a hint when he gives the serial killer the same pen-name as himself. 

Unknown Origins Review
Source: Netflix

‘Unknown Origins’ is not a great superhero movie in terms of action or drama, despite being categorized as an action thriller. In my view, the film is a well-thought casual montage of every relevant & known superhero reference that corroborates the Hero Complex narrative. Jorge’s character adopts a Jack Black persona, while David is very Henry Cavill. With a tone that is a little more serious than 21 Jump Street, viewers still get to enjoy the drama from death and mayhem, with a climax that IRL vigilantes-at-heart only ever hope to come true. It is undeniable that the writing is a labor of love and major fanboying on part of both writers.

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Top 5 Astonishing Movies of 2020

By Aishvarya Varma (fetuinyou)

2020 has been a fantastic year for movies despite this difficult epidemic. While the ban on theatres continues, video-on-demand has made things accessible. Here’s my list of the top 5 movies released in 2020 so far:

1. The Platform

“We prefer to call it the Vertical Self-Management Center.” — Imoguiri

A thoughtfully designed script, this Spanish film is originally known as ‘El Hoyo’ and was released on Netflix in March 2020. First seen at Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), this socio-psychological thriller popularised as “Sci-Fi Horror” is brilliant. The movie studies the Schrödinger’s cat from inside the box, presenting a choreography that is thought-provoking and frightening. The possibilities of greed & disregard for others are pushed to every edge, forcing viewers to roleplay scenes from quests of survival. More importantly, it makes you question if you have any choice in the matter at all. 

2. The Gentlemen

“If you wish to be the king of the jungle, it’s not enough to act like a king. You must be the king. There can be no doubt. Because doubt causes chaos and one’s own demise.” – Mickey Pearson

Released in January 2020 globally, ‘The Gentlemen’ is the brainchild of Guy Ritchie. Matthew McConaughey plays Mickey Pearson, the classiest version of a Ritchiesque protagonist. The movie unfurls the worries of a drug kingpin and the interesting ways in which his posse would approach them. Another distinct action movie laced with very-British humor, this movie is engaging and exciting. It succeeds at being memorable and maybe a subject of cult-fiction in the future.  

3. Bad Education

“Do you remember the teachers who sat with you, who held you by the hand, who taught you to add and subtract, or showed you, Gatsby and Salinger, for the first time?” – Frank Tassone

An unexpected but well-embodied role for Hugh Jackman, Mike Makowsky writes a fascinating crime-drama about a Dr. Frank Tassone. First seen at TIFF, this film came to HBO in April 2020. Based on a true story involving a public school in America, Jackman plays the role of the Superintendent of Roslyn High School, Long Island. Commemorated for the holistic merits of its’ students, the school is Tassone’s greatest pride and legacy. The story unfurls, telling a surprising tale of the cost of this pride. It makes for gripping, well-shot social commentary; whilst disclosing the facts of true crime.

4. Palm Springs

“Didn’t work! Life is meaningless. Let’s get the fuck outta here.” – Sarah 

An interesting project involving Andy Samberg and featuring J.K. Simmons, ‘Palm Springs’ released on Hulu in July 2020 after having been showcased at the Sundance Film Festival. This Rom-Com is a heart-warming entertainer that makes for perfect mindless therapy. While intelligent, it aims to humor a similar emotion that all of us are experiencing this Covid19 season. It’s been a tough year; and this light-hearted commentary on what it feels like to wake up in the same bed every day brings hope. It makes for perfect dinner-time television and renews adoration for Samberg’s goofy nature. The concept and acting deserve admiration.

5. Birds of Prey

“Psychologically speaking, vengeance rarely brings the catharsis we hope for.” – Harley Quinn

Following suit from the failure of ‘Suicide Squad’, DC puts in a monumental effort to excite viewers through ‘Birds of Prey’; and it has paid off. One cannot be sure if its success should be attributed to its feminist script and all-female superhero squad or a marked improvement in storytelling. Either way, the film makes a great impact on audiences and is a memorable reminder of the thrilling tale of Harley Quinn. Margot Robbie is weird yet enticing in a way that best describes Quinn’s mind; while supporting characters truly represent the development of Heroine team dynamics. 

A special mention must be made to the Netflix release of the acclaimed Broadway show, ‘Hamilton’. The title does not fit my criteria for a film but is a note-worthy special to have released this 2020. 

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