Top 10 Video Games of All Time

By Faras Sait

It may not seem like it, but attempting to pick out the greatest video game title of all time is an absolute mammoth task. I mean, what are you even supposed to judge for? 

While certain titles were the birth-giver to video games as we know them today others told a narrative that brought the whole gaming community to tears but then there’s also other titles whose graphics and gameplay was just so out of this world that we have to stop for a minute and soak it in. So, what sets games apart? Well, without dwelling too much on it – it all ultimately boils down to taste.

With the next generation in console gaming right about to dawn upon us, we thought it would be a good idea to take a step back and glance at the wide array of genres of games and come up with a list of 10 games that we think accurately represent the last few decades of gaming.

So, with that said – inserts disc in PlayStation – here are the best of the best.

10. Tekken 3

Video game
Photo: Tekken 3 Title

Though not as eye-catching as its 7th serie successor, Tekken 3 was still bleeding edge in terms of graphics, gameplay and audio when it first hit the shelves back in 1998. Boasting over 25 characters with over 100 moves each – this was unheard of at the time – the game quickly took over couches in homes.

If you’re one the gamers wondering why Mortal Kombat isn’t in this place instead then it’s simply because Tekken walked so MK could run. Though Tekken 3 wasn’t the first and definitely not the last street-fighting game; it was the titles cultural significance it had in the hearts of gamers around the world that places it so high in our list.

9. Wii Sports

Video game
Photo: Wii Sports

“Endless hours of family fun and memories.”

Wii sports is an extremely nostalgic video game. Having brought an entirely new genre to gaming with their ingenious innovations to incorporate movements and enable games to play with their whole bodies rather just their hands. 

Especially fun when played against a family member or a friend, be it tennis or boxing or golf – the game never failed to added a whole aspect of fun but also as a consequence of its mechanics; it made exercising and staying active much more accessible and enjoyable. Truly revolutionary.  

8. God of War

Video game
Photo: God of War 5

It just seems to be human nature to find some sort of pleasure in stunning destruction rather than creation. That’s where God of War comes in – to satisfy exactly that need for us, in spectacular mythic fashion.

Following the protagonist, Kratos. God of War enables gamers to claim the forces of the Gods in order to dismantle your foes with several different weapons at your disposal, this title engages in brutal and very bloody combat and it is this exact aggressive combat that made the game so popular.

7. Red Dead Redemption 2 

Photo: Rockstar Games

It is extremely evident, no matter the facet considered, that Rockstar spared no expense in making this game the absolute best it could have been. Be it the eye-for-detail nature the game adopted throughout its development or the beautiful cinematic cues or just the absolute density of the open world map. Red dead 2 was just beautiful in every sense imaginable.

Set in the wild west of the Americas in the 1890s, Red Dead 2 follows the protagonist through several missions that test survival, stealth and combat; all in truly spectacular fashion. A must play for any avid gamer. 

6. Grand Theft Auto V

Video game
Photo: Grand Theft Auto 5

The ultimate mic drop of video games from the last decade.

An action based, open world game that takes place in the vast, unprecedentedly large city of Los Santos. With the ability to play as not just one but three protagonists, GTA V rocked the world upon its launch. Boasting the biggest entertainment launch in history, and still a whole seven years from its release in 2013, it still hold records for the bestselling entertainment title ever. 

GTA V was mostly popularized by its ability to offer an unprecedented amount of freedom, with its open world profile – it engaged players to do theoretically anything and everything. It deserves the number 10 spot on our list.

5. The Last of Us

Photo: The Last of Us

With almost 35 accolades to its name ranging from best story-telling to best animated video game The Last Of Us is an absolute masterpiece.

The last of us captures humanity and civilization after a mass apocalyptic attack that left most of the world non-functional and “infected”. This master piece of a title creates an immersive narrative that leads emotional attachment, pulling the player into the narrative as time goes on. The last of us creates a truly beautiful relationship, relating to not just the characters but the immaculately written storyline as well. 

Credited as the most intense, enduring and most emotional journeys that many gamers ever laid their eyes on; The Last of Us sits on our number 5 spot.

4. Mine Craft

Photo: Minecraft

Minecraft – a truly timeless, one of a kind title. Fulfilling gamers with their wish to have total control of the game; enabling players to be kings, explorers, builders, leaders and Gods all at once.

Your creative mind is provided with infinite freedom to explode and create anything you so desire. There truly is no limit to things you can achieve in Minecraft.

Ranked as the most watched game on YouTube in 2019, Minecrafts addictive nature is also proof that graphics are not the defining feature to a popular game but rather the gameplay.

3. Tetris

Photo: Tetris

We’ve all played Tetris in the past. In fact for many it was the first game we played and consequently the spawn of our ever-lasting love for video games. 

Launched in 1984, Tetris very quickly took over the world and with its simple yet extremely addictive concept; it forces players to keep coming back for more. And this fact is credited as the games key to its success.

The popularity that followed Tetris, alongside its lack of a storyline, or even enemies to beat was a statement to the whole world – that video games don’t need a complex narrative or even an intricate mechanism in order to be popular. And this is exactly what sets it apart. 

2. Super Mario Bros

Photo: Super Mario Bros

When you think popular games – you indefinitely think Super Mario.

Launched during a period in time when the video game industry was severely tanking; it is popularly said that Super Mario quite literally saved video games. Also, considering it is the best-selling video game title of all time. It almost single-handedly saved the industry.

The title follows Mario, a humble plumber as he navigates through a set of very basic and easy to manoeuvre mechanics in order to eventually save the Princess.

A timeless classic! Well deserving of our number 2 spot. 

1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Photo: The Legend of Zelda

Ocarina of Time was a foundation setter for games – introducing several innovations that have become industry standard. Having revolutionized the world of 3D gameplay, Ocarina set itself way ahead of its competition at the time, especially with its map intricacies and incredible range of intractability.

Considering the bridges of innovation we have crossed since 1998, it may be hard to perform a fair assessment in 2020 but nevertheless; judged along with its beautiful level design, gameplay and music that was perfectly curated for different instances in the game. Ocarina totally deserves our number 1 spot and we’re sure the gaming community will agree too.

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